How you can use Daisho TODAY

Will Y happen?

What is the LIKELIHOOD of something happening? Fault Prediction, Sales Prioritization, Customer Churn, Preventive Maintenance, etc.

Early Warning Systems

What PATTERNS exist? And where are they being BROKEN? Sales trends, machine performance, etc.

Driver Analysis

What is the VALUE of something likely to be? What are the drivers? Why is THIS WEEK the way it is? Forecasting, Sensitivities, Correlations across data sources, preventive actions, etc.


What CLUSTERS exist in data? And on what DIMENSIONS? Customer Segmentation, Machine Profiling, Data categorization

When will Y happen?

WHEN is something likely to HAPPEN? Predictive maintenance, Buying behaviour, customer targeting, etc.

Text Mining

What are people TALKING about? And how's it changing? Ticket Analysis and Categorization, Customer Feedback Summarization, etc.

Treatment Impact

WHERE/HOW has treatment been better than control? Covid-19 Analysis, Process Change Impact, Marketing Campaign Effectiveness, etc.

Time-based Trends

What time-based TRENDS exist? And how do they INTERACT? Discover seasonality, trends, change-points, anomalies.

Event Co-occurences

Which EVENTS occur together frequently? Market Basket Analysis, Frequent Patterns Discovery, Association Rules

Exploratory Data Analysis

How does my data LOOK like? What are the predominant PATTERNS? Data Profile, Relationships, Missing Values and Patterns, Outliers, and many more.

Data Preparation

Cleaning data, and converting data to a USABLE form Missing Values Treatment, Outlier Treatment, Joins, Stacks, Filters, etc.